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Bipost is a simple database synchronization tool built for developers in mind, fully deployed on AWS.

Synchronize Microsoft SQL Server® and Firebird SQL (running on Windows) to any given Amazon Aurora MySQL instance.

Two-way database synchronization also available, from AWS back to your on-prem.

It is created to keep your databases on-premises while providing a way to extract and load specific sets of data to AWS Aurora.

Synchronize to AWS

How it works

  • On every sync our tool reads table schema's and data and uploads it to AWS.
  • Fully customize your data sets to upload using customData.json
  • Database and tables are created/altered if they don't exist, and data is loaded to Aurora-MySQL.
  • Before and after data is loaded to Aurora-MySQL you can transform your data with stored procedures.
  • Upload the same data multiple times and avoid duplicates. Data is replaced using primary keys.
  • Sync can run manually or automatically with a scheduled Windows Task.
  • Upload big datasets using Recursive Sync.

Data is also available as CSV files on S3 so you can use other AWS services like Athena and Glue and build your data lake.

Two-way synchronization

  • Synchronize from Aurora-MySQL to on-premises SQL Server or Firebird SQL.
  • Fully customize what data you want to download using outData.json
  • Decide whether you want to insert/update the returned data to your on-prem DB or just save the CSV files on Windows.
  • Tables schemas are created/altered on your on-prem DB if they don't exist.
  • Primary keys set on Aurora-MySQL are used on your on-prem DB to avoid duplicates.
  • Before and after data is loaded to your on-prem DB you can transform your data with stored procedures.
  • Learn more here.

Use Cases

  • Great way to consolidate information from separate databases and locations, e.g. merge your sales and inventory information from different branches.
  • Ideal to extend your on-premises ERP to the cloud and build web applications, web services and API's on top of AWS cloud platform, with services such as API Gateway and Lambda.
  • Power your ERP with supper low cost Business Intelligence dashboards using Google Data Studio or AWS QuickSight, with a direct connection to Aurora-MySQL.

Private Cloud

We care deeply about privacy.

Our API calls your RDS instance on your AWS account, so you have full control of your databases.

Each RDS Aurora instance loads data by accessing a dedicated bucket, exclusive to your AWS account.


Synchronization Architecture

Aurora is a MySQL compatible, fully managed database service, built for the cloud with the performance and scalability of high-end commercial databases.

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Release Notes

1.0.0 (General Availability) 2018-03-02

  • Data upload is now done through secure HTTPS.
  • JOIN parameter now supported for Firebird SQL.
  • Recursive sync now supported for Firebird SQL.
  • Connection information is now encrypted.
  • Bug fixes.

0.5.6 (Beta) 2017-12-02

  • Bidirectional syncing is here!
  • Synchronize to any AWS Region.
  • Performance improvements to API, now able to load nearly 1.5 million rows (or 280 MB uncompressed files) on a single call. Future releases will support much more since AWS Lambda recently doubled maximum memory capacity to 3 GB.
  • Firebird transaction READ UNCOMMITTED to prevent Bipost Sync from being stopped while other transactions are still not committed.
  • Initial and final statements on Aurora MySQL are disabled on recursive sync. This prevents excessive workload on your RDS instance.
  • Bug fixes to API and Bipost Sync.

0.4.2 (Beta) 2017-09-16

  • Table schemas are now synchronized against source definition on every sync, details here.
  • Bipost Sync bug fixes.
  • Bipost API bug fixes.

0.4.0 (Beta) 2017-08-20

  • Custom connections added.
  • Initial statement added to API.
  • Special characters are deleted on string columns of 100 characters length or up.


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