Bipost (beta) is a simple database synchronization tool built for developers in mind.

Currently it can synchronize Microsoft SQL ServerĀ® and Firebird SQL (running on Windows) to any given Amazon Aurora MySQL database.

It is created to keep your databases on-premises while providing a way to extract and load specific sets of data to AWS Aurora.

It uses a similar ETL technique with recurring syncing in this order: Extract, Load & Transform.


How it works

  • On every sync biPost.exe reads table schema's and data, creates a compressed file and uploads it to S3.
  • You can customize query criteria to your source DB using customData.json file.
  • Destination bucket triggers an API which reads schema's, creates database and tables (if they don't exist) and loads the data.
  • Before and after data is loaded to MySQL you are able to call procedures and transform your data.
  • On every upload MySQL uses a REPLACE command so if you set the appropriate primary keys on source database, data would be updated in destination (and avoid duplicates).
  • biPost.exe can run manually or automatically with a scheduled Windows Task.

Private Cloud

Bipost API calls your RDS instance on your AWS account.

Each RDS Aurora instance loads data by accessing a dedicated bucket, exclusive to your AWS account.



  • Bipost Sync is built with AWS SDK for .NET
  • Upload to S3 is done through AWS SDK technology.
  • S3 triggers an event and calls Bipost API built with Lambda.
  • Lambda reads data and credentials and proceeds to connect to MySQL-Aurora.
  • MySQL-Aurora is a managed database service, you don't have to worry about servers, software patching and other managing tasks.
  • Aurora loads data from S3 dedicated bucket.

Done! Start building something amazing on top!

Check the Business Intelligence use case.

Road Map

We are currently developing a secure web page to automate all settings that are exchanged over email. Thank you for your patience and we look forward to provide a world-class service.

Release Notes

0.4.2 (beta) 2017-09-16

  • Table schemas are now synchronized against source definition on every sync, details here.
  • Bipost.exe bugfixes.
  • Bipost API bugfixes.

0.4.0 (beta) 2017-08-20

  • Custom connections added.
  • Initial statement added to API.
  • Special characters are deleted on string columns of 100 characters length or up.